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Reporting Bugs

Post  TechnoYoshi on Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:36 pm

Hello eager test subje.... I mean players. Welcome to SKO glitch and bug reporting. In order to enhance your playing pleasure, we request that you report all oddities among the game that you find, so that we may work quickly to help clear out the issue. Before doing so, please check the Confirmed Bugs section to see if the bug has been confirmed already.

When reporting a bug, you have two options:

  1. On the forum:
    When posting on the forum, please create a topic that includes both an extremely short summary of the bug AND the version number. For example you can say Sword Slashing (0.9.9) for a bug that involves some sort of issue with attack with a sword equipped. The actual post can be however long you feel it needs to be, so go crazy if you wish; however, please explain the bug so we can understand. This way is typically for hard-to-explain bugs. Once we confirm your bug, it will be moved to the Confirmed Bugs section.

  2. On IRC:
    When reporting a bug on IRC, you may disregard saying the current version number. Please explain the bug in a short and simple way so as to not clog up the channel with a single bug report. Make sure that an admin or mod takes note of the bug that you have encountered; you can do this by including their username before the first message in the report (for example: TechnoYoshi: [insert report here]). This option is typically for easy-to-explain bugs.

Have fun playing SKO!

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